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Sergey Voronov
Mar 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Gender problem is very hot today, and putting my own two cents maybe doesn’t make any sense, but hop a drop by drop the situation in the ocean can change.

A lot of frustration going on around the topic of “hello guys” and “yo guys” on the internet nowadays. Sometimes simple question with such referring to the audience can lead to some word battle in slack channels or twitter threads.

From men perspective, it’s very hard to understand what is the problem with that. Being on the internet for more than 20 years, I get used to “hey guys” to address members of the small community with some questions I have. It feels more personate, gives you feeling that you are all buddies here, which gives u feeling u have more chances to get help that way, comparing if u use some “Does anyone know something about X..”.

Currently, I am doing my family Netflix marathon, rewatching “Friends” and they always refer to each other as “guys”, even when there are no men in the room at the moment.

So using “guys” is not really exclusive thing spread among tech community or used across the internet. It’s pretty common. And again — many men don’t see a problem with that at all. Most of us think its common and gender neutral, and we surprised seeing ladies overreacting in comments when we are using this word.

The easiest thing to understand a problem, try to put yourself in the shoes of the person. I am not touching diversity, sexual abuse topics and so on. A lot has been written on this topic recently, and I don’t have enough knowledge on this to add something. However, men can try to understand the power of words. If someone is offended by us using some words, we need to change our habits then and stop using these words. Simple as that. Whether the words are about race, gender, level of knowledge in the field, or whatever.

“Done by these guys” -”done by this team or people”
“Hello guys” — “hello people” or “hello boys and girls”
“I am buying X from these guys” -” buying X from this company/team/people”

It’s hard to change our habits, but we can make it. I am also working on this, guys. Oh, wait!

Happy women day ladies:)

Btw, plz comment with your options on what we can use instead “of hey guys” in close communities. Thanx

Sergey Voronov

Written by

organiser #framerLondon, product designer at z1.vc. Portfolio svoronov.co.uk/portfolio, running http://prjctrschool.com

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