By Madison Amidon

This house was my childhood. From holidays to birthdays to typical Monday nights, this is where I spent my time. My grandparents house, located exactly one mile away from me, is a place I can proudly call my second home. This is the exact house my dad and his sisters were raised in, making it a perfect place for my grandparents to watch the next generation of children grow.

Every Monday, Thursday and occasionally Saturday, I enjoy a delicious meal with my whole family here. This house is the crossroad of my family. On those special days…

By Madison Amidon

The first repercussion from publicly announcing that I was going to become a vegetarian were the questions. Everyone would ask “why.” My soon to be in eight-grade brain didn’t know the correct response. The first answer I came up with was, “To save the animals. Of course.” That answer was often wrong. The rights of the abused animals sitting on their plates is a topic I soon learned wasn’t welcome for discussion. My new life-style created the best reaction, from both supporters and discouragers. Some said whatever they could to try and change my mind, but ultimately…

By Madison Amidon

Where do lost dreams go? Alec Soth’s photo collection Sleeping by the Mississippi captured the river of dreams extraordinarily, some could say perfectly. Like all images, you get only what’s given within the photograph, to find the true meaning you have to dig deeper, think harder. Soth’s collection takes the viewer on a trip down the mighty Mississippi River, or as he described it, America’s “Forgotten third coast.” Looking at individual images from the collection, nothing distinctly connects them together on the surface, but taking a more diligent look at the photographs, much more meets the eye…

Madison Amidon

Hello, I am from Minnesota!

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