What’s the best 3 things of working at 500 Startups 🇯🇵?

I’ve been working at 500 Startups (Japan) for 10 months now, and recently came up with the idea of writing about things I’ve learnt through this journey. I do write blogs sometimes about my life, work, and thoughts in general in Japanese, but this is going to be the first try for me to shout out my thoughts in my second language so please go easy on me ;) Here we go!

So, what’s the best 3 things of working at 500 Startups?

I was asked this question on Whale 🐳 before, and thought this would be the best to begin.

1. The team is quite global and diverse 🌍

As you may know, our team of 150 people are based in over 20 countries and speak more than 20 different languages. For example, I work for Japan team which has the office in the center of Tokyo, but I am not from Tokyo and didn’t go to school here either (I am from a small town in the country). At 500, there’s many people who have great backgrounds from big cities to even little towns of each different country, and it makes me believe that anyone can make a big impact on the world no matter where you come from and no matter what gender you are. #500DIVERSITY

2. A startup-like environment 🏃

I know it may be different from working at an actual startup, but I still think 500 Startups, especially Japan team itself, is like a startup. We, Japan team started one and a half year ago with now 5 people including 2 new glads like me, and we’re fundraising, still trying to figure out what we can do better for founders and startup ecosystem here in Japan. One of the #500FAMILY startup founder said, “Although you are our shareholder, watching your team grow inspires us a lot.” the other day.

3. Great work culture and people believing in that 💪

The reason why I decided to apply for an intern position at 500 Japan last summer was 500's work culture. I still remember that I was so moved by reading it again and again, and seriously this was pretty enough for me to explain how the team works and what they are. “Have fun. It’s our job to make money and GSD (Get Shit Done), but it’s also our job to have fun.”

That’s all for the first thing. Thank you ❤