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Chapter 15: What is Architecture

Architecture can be defined as the shape given to a software system by the creators of that system. This, division of the system into components is the arrangement of the components and how they communicate with each other. The purpose of shaping; facilitating development, deployment, operation and maintenance costs. …

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Considering that SOLID principles tell us how to arrange bricks in a room or wall, component principles tell us how the rooms inside the building will be arranged.

Chapter 12: Components

Components are deployment units. In other words, they are the smallest assets of the system that can be deployed. …

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A good software system is provided by clean code. When bricks are not good, no matter how good the developed architecture is. On the other hand, a pile of rubbish made of very good bricks also makes no sense. This is where SOLID principles come into play.

SOLID principles determine…

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One of the most important revolutions in programming is paradigms. Paradigms are the way of programming, relatively independent of the programming language. A paradigm tells you which programming structure to use when. There are now three different paradigms: structured programming, object-orient programming, and functional programming.

Chapter 3: Paradigm Overview

1. Structured Programming

Although it is not the…

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In this article, I summarized the book “Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design” by Robert C. “Uncle Bob” Martin. The article consists of 5 parts and 27 chapters in total. Also all titles are used the same as in the book. …

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