HAPPINESS — An Easy Way To Boost Your Success

Today I read an article written by Shawn Achor “5 Easy Steps to Accessing More Happiness and Boosting Your Success”. And I accomplished a new way to success and the name of that way is called HAPPINESS. Shawn says that people believe that working hard will lead to success and success leads to happiness but in reality it is opposite happiness leads to success. And we can do that with positive thinking, positive attitude, when we take our problems as opportunities and challenges then even problems can be enjoyed. Positive attitude is decision by us, it’s not the result of our outside conditions.If we have positive mind-set then we can learn from our failures or difficulties in life.Now I want share a story of my friend with you:-

My best friend couldn’t make good in E-cat that’s why he was not able to get admission in Electrical engineering department of UET. And I knew that how much he was crazy about getting admission in this department. He was really worried and was passive. He was thinking pessimistic.

I knew everything that how much he did hard work for this admission and now from which phase of life he was passing through.So I went to his home and told him that he has the potential he can make through it.

First of all, I told him the reality and then I put a different scenario in front of him where he can do more well and asked him to accept this this thing as a challenge not as the curse.And also he can got admission in other department like Mechanical and Mechatronics. Then he should start with what he has. I made him realized that he has potential and he can do better in other departments and it’s not his fault. At that time I didn’t knew this qoute:-

“Just start and let the work teach you,” by Jaqueline NovoGratz.

I also made him realized that he has still a long life to make achievements and accomplishments. He gathered strength and got admission in Mechanical Engineering in UET. I met him yesterday and he was very happy with the decision that he took at that time. Now he is planning to go abroad for masters after his bachelors.

A wiser man once said that “happiness is a choice you cannot choose what happens, but you can choose your reaction to it and be happy.”

In my thinking he was only been able to get rid of his grief and anxiety because the following points:-

Gratitude in his mind:-

When he thinks of his potential about any task to do it.


Reminding of his positive experience of selecting Engineering field rather than selecting Medical field.


Realization of the skills and things that he can do more prominently.

Random act of kindness:-

My random act of kindness that I went to his home and show interest in him and give him the realization about his potential and also listening to his worries.

I think that he may be even didn’t knew the name of thoughts he used to get out of worries and grief. But afterwards happiness is the only way on which and through which he is going to achieve his destination and also boosting his success.