On Walter Scott and “Normalizing”

The only hunting season that’s year round is hunting black people apparently.

It’s hard to hear the words “don’t normalize this” about everything EXCEPT police brutality against PoC. It reminds me of the selectivity and reactive nature of a lot of actions, “olive branches,” etc I’ve seen since the election. All that this Walter Scott verdict reminds me of is how my life and the lives of my family and many of my friends is perceived by a large number of Americans and that compounded with the fallout of this election has my fear of police resurfacing. I want to write the rest of my narrative and I can’t have it end like the countless black and brown people before me. Life is fleeting but I don’t want to be a hashtag. I don’t want it to end like this for anyone.

We can’t afford to be reactive anymore; if we listen to the warnings early, we won’t have situations like this. We need to be proactive, ready. This mistrial is a step backward, however we have to push forward. Standing Rock is a big victory for protests, but excuse me if I can’t celebrate knowing that the lives of my friends and family are still in peril and it seems to be pretty damn “normalized” looking at the lack of reaction to this trial by the media and allies. Something has to change. If you want to know what needs to change and how, see the countless black people who have been telling you exactly that for weeks, months, years, and generations.