The making of a great product

Just like a bride shall wear: — “Something old,something new, Something borrowed, something blue” a product in its making should be:

1- Something useful

2- Something simple

3- Something very easy to use

4- Something beautiful

5- Something clean in its making

6- Something that last

7- Something easy to recycle


Any product is labeled useful if the product contribute in our sense of satisfaction.

The use is evolving all time, it is a process that come with every variable added to life, so don’t think that we invented everything, the more product we have, the more dynamics happening in our usage of things, there for more products are needed to be there, so which one we need?

The product that enables you to complete a task that puzzles you.

Most of the time, producers will look for inspiration from new product that come to our life to solve a problem and they work on innovation to make it work better or imitation to cut a share or simply trivialization, to make it super affordable which may lead to put an end to the existence of the product itself.


When you look to a product and you get amazed how simple it is, you keep asking the question: Why I didn’t think of it before?

Our life is full of simplicity, everything around us is so simple to achieve.

Most of the time people take things for granted, they see things happening in a simple way that may be unnoticeable, so in this form of blindness some have the ability to stop and look to the full picture and spot the pattern of simplicity to grab, most of us carry on and look to a complex picture.

The best way always to detect simplicity is to never be suspicious of connecting two dotes with a straight line, don’t be intimidated with the phrase oh this is too simple; this is not “professional”. Look for simplicity without missing the target task.

Easy to use:

Now since you looked for a usage needed to be solved and simplified, it require the critical condition of any survival of any product, to be easy to use.

Take a product you need to use say chopsticks, they are really useful, and super simple, but most of people think they are not easy to use because of the need of training, so every one look for a spoon ( after a small training I like chopsticks even for rice, or a soup J don’t ask me how).

To achieve the easiness it is required always to start from bottom line and based on user experience you adjust the way it need to be used, avoid adding features that make the main targeted use to fade, don’t get into the trap of FOMO (fair of missing out) this is the real recipe for any great product success, if users can’t use it then it will be no different than a stone on the ground, although you may find a stone useful.

Now you make it easy to use, you need to know that your product should be able to be used by anyone, this is a condition that could be very challenging, but it will sky high the level of popularity.

You cannot satisfy everyone for sure, but do not exclude many.


It is in our genes to get attracted to beauty, esthetic is the reason we run unconsciously to something without putting too much thoughts, but that beauty there is a secret that come with it, it is our way to define our matching needs, and the more these needs are reflected in an obvious way, we go for the product when it has a simplistic declaration of these needs.

Clean in its making:

We become huge consumers to an epidemic level, and when we use epidemic, we mean that we are not creating a loop between what we take and what we gave to nature, our planet have a specific balance kept for millions of years unchallenged by any specie, until last two centuries it become clear our evolution is getting in a level that challenge the loop of nature, and if it go more and more that road, nature will just give up on us as a specie, we already unable to create a balance and we still rely heavily on nature, there for, the only way to get the balance is to take it from the source of the problem and think of the implication of making a new product.

This pointe may not be taken seriously by profit oriented product makers, but as humanity we have to take it seriously.

A product that last:

We become huge consumers, and we may not realize we become demanding, we expect more and we create more, but product that last longer win the consumer heart and ignored by profit oriented product makers, reducing the expectancy life of the product become as an aim, to open the market to new product that slightly different than the previous product.

A product that last, contribute with the previous point in getting one point plus from nature.

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