Transcendental Love:

Lovers, loved ones, love is in the air, love everywhere, omg a word ‘love’ is so hype every time. There are different kinds of love affairs in different era. Why did love distinct in every century? How feelings did become easier to articulate? And how grey papers lived for forever?

I will start with doomed lovers in Renaissance period. One of the famous and legendary love story- Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. An artistic story where the lovers die and they become famous as ever. At least that’s what I think; death made them celebrity of big time. Doomed by heaven and stayed in heaven; one of a kind story. Yeah? Another star-crossed lovers were Antony and Cleopatra again by Shakespeare. There are all kinds of love — color, age, religion are just futile words. The seductive, cunning dark Egyptian queen desperately loved the roman leader Mark Antony. Hurdles dint let them live together, an assassination did.

Apart from literature, Jack and Rose were also doomed lovers from the one of the most remembered movie till now ‘Titanic’ 1997. I still watch this movie with an amaze in my eyes.

Love was taking a step further in the form of ROMANTICISM in 19th century. Of course love was there, but William Wordsworth showed his love in a different formation. His love towards nature made his work an ecstatic form of English literature. He formulated his works into a different style; he culminated in metaphors of human affairs with nature. Look, there are all kinds of love.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in a want of wife”- Jane Austen. Pride Mr. Darcy and prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet were finally hitched together after a lot of distractions, and prove that love wins over money, status and condescension anytime.

20th century paced into arrival of modernist literature and post-modern literature. Stories were seen with modernized lenses. People started to see life with an optimistic approach. And so did lovers and love stories were modish.

An iconic, passionate lover Jay Gatsby builds an empire for her old scribbled love Daisy Buchanan. His only desire was to get her back with his fortune. He loved her so much that she became the reason for his own demise. This is an era where materialism set the tone of society, feelings and love. Yeah, materialistic love was framed.

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul” — Vladimir Nobokov.

A middle aged professor had deep affection for teenage girls. He called them his ‘nymphs’. His love towards his own step daughter made him vice, sexually involved and craved for her. An erotic, forbidden love story is one of a kind.

To summon up, all I mean is there are and were all kinds of love and lovers. Imagination, perception, desire changes but Love is so vital in every century, no one could run from it. When a person sits alone in dark, the question is always relatable to love. Why love impacts us so much in our life? Why a person in love jumps into cockpit knowingly? Why love makes you blind when you are not?

Why love is so immature even in your 50s? And how come the whirlwind of love stories dint make people to stop their insanity?

Everyone from this whole wide world surely is in want of love or trying to find an escape. Single means ecstasy but being in love means butterflies, one scoop of ice cream, two body one soul kinda things.

Some people try to replicate their story from the books of love and some make their own story. Transparency and virtual behavior has changed minds of people from former times. Love is an opened book to different sexuality.

The types of love wavered in 21st century. But the feeling remains constant.

Talking about books, novels; I do have different notions to fathom the feeling of love from different papers. Many books do articulate the phrases from my life. But I believe to create my own story; instead of trying to be someone which I am not. And end; end should always be the start of kindled love. Because Love is indestructible, eternal and cursed beautiful feeling; we humans are proud to carve the transcendental feeling of love in the form of ‘LITERATURE’.

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