Seasons Black Pepper from Kerala, INDIA crop year 2016 — 2017

Kerala, INDIA. 19 November 2016 : The king of spices ‘Black Gold’ may be described simply as pepper, or more precisely as Black Pepper is preparing to welcome the all new season by the end of December or first quarter of January 2017.

Influenced by a lot of factors the last season hits black pepper in Kerala with lower production and price level being stretched from maximum to its minimum level during peak time.

Kerala Black Pepper from MAM TRADERS

The new season so far looks amazing with better crop production compared to previous years. As per ground report from local farmers of Kerala, all trees are well croped with more bold size pepper. All they worry now days is just because of hot climate that may cause pepper to fall down before it matures.

Local Traders & Farmers of Black Pepper from Kerala, INDIA expects this year for a better rate for their fresh crop. Any rate that fells between Rs 625 to 675 will be best feasible for all. But as per experts the rate this year will be less when compared to last years due to factors like better production, rupee demonetization and huge imports from neighboring countries to INDIA.

At Machamangalath Traders (MAM TRADERS) we are fully prepared to welcome this new season for Black Pepper to meet any demand from our cleints across this globe with our vast supplier base and sourcing capacity.

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