How to become a morning person in less than a week.

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I know exactly what you’re thinking. 5 am is too early. You need your sleep. There’s no way you could get yourself out of bed at that time blah blah blah.

Well, I want you to give it a try.

Most people have this vague idea that they’d like to wake up early but they don’t have an effective strategy to make it happen.

They just set an alarm for 5:00 a.m. They sleep right through it and they consider the whole thing a failure.

I used to do the same thing.

But after years of on and off trial…

The creative adult is the child who survived

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Innovative companies are successful not only because they create time and space to nurture creativity but also because encourage creativity and risk-taking.

Any new idea or implementation of change creates risk. Plus many people feel that sharing their ideas is risky because they fear being turned down. Which is what happens in many corporate cultures.

So when employees do not feel supported to take risks the company becomes stagnant as employees continue to do what they know works What has always been done.

However, it can be detrimental because what works today may not work tomorrow.

We are living in…

This point has been made by many leading scientists in this field but hardly ever report it.

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Look at the media and why they’re not highlighting the coming oil crisis? This point has been made by many leading scientists in this field but hardly ever report it. It’s as if the media want to hide it.

However, this is probably not the case.

What is the media?

Media is the collective form of mass communication. There are lots of different types of media such as the Internet, radio, television, and print media. Social media is part of the Internet and is starting to become a dominant form of information exchange.

All of these forms of media have a role to play…


Listen, ignore, and forget at the same time. Is it multitasking?

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Productive people are great Multi-taskers. After all, you can get twice as much done if you do two things at once. Right?


Multitasking is a myth. It doesn’t exist.

The human brain is incapable of processing mentally demanding tasks at once.

When you think you’re multitasking what you’re actually doing is rapidly switching between two tasks.

There’s this start and stop process going on in your brain that’s costing you time, energy, and efficiency and preventing you from getting into that coveted state of flow.

Now that’s the current state of neuroscience research.

But if you’re not convinced.


Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and experience. Choose better feelings, emotions, and make better decisions.

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Mindfulness means be awake. It means knowing what you are doing. By Jon kabat-zinn

The outer situation of your life and whatever happens there is like the lake’s surface, calm sometimes windy, and rough according to the cycles and seasons. But deep down, the lake is always undisturbed, so remember you are the whole lake, not just the surface.

  • For most people, the chaos and noise happening around them and within their minds feel like all there is, they’re wrapped up in it. …

Influence people with persuasion psychology. The door in the face technique.

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The “Door-in-the-Face technique, a little bit of a strange name, but you’ll see in a second exactly how this thing works.

The “Door-in-the-Face” technique is when you first make a huge request that the person is likely to refuse, and then they reciprocate by saying “yes” to the next, smaller request. Again, the idea here is that you’re giving them a gift — a metaphorical gift — by making a concession.

You’re saying, “Ok, fine. If you don’t go with the big thing that I just asked you, would you at least go for the smaller thing? And people go…

We need a stable civilization that means a stable energy source.

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No one can tell the future. We are lucky to live in an age of unprecedented computing power and maturity of knowledge in science and history. This means we have the tools to make better predictions about the future than any generation before us.

What are the potential solutions and find if they meet the net energy criteria that make society functional and civilization stable? Then find what additional things we might do to help increase this functionality in a future without oil.

Let me quickly summarize some of the key aspects regarding the loss of resources over the coming…

Increase your reading efficiency.

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How to take useful notes while reading as a way to engage with the printed word, summarize, and aid the learning process. So taking notes when reading, writing for pleasure, or as a way to relax. Like when reading a novel, a newspaper or magazine is usually a passive exercise.

When you are starting, reading should be seen as an active exercise. In other words, you engage with your text to maximize your learning.

One of the most effective ways of actively engaging with your reading is to make notes as you go along, linking points, pulling out key snippets…

If your life has no ups and downs it means you are dead.

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Life is never easy as we have our ups and downs but the most important thing is to stay positive and smile.

We know many famous and rich people, but don’t know about their struggles. We know their wealth, but don’t know their downs. Here is the list of 8 people, that will be shocking to you.

  1. Jim Carrey

Everybody knows this man today but very few know his story! He is a high school dropout. He used to live in a VW bus with his family. …

This is The future we are building.

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According to climate scientists and other experts, there are some consequences of climate breakdown that we can be sure about and the likelihood is that we’re experiencing some of these things now.

One of the main issues that we’ll need to deal with is a rise in sea levels of one meter or more which means that many of our coastal areas will be flooded. As a large number of the world’s major cities are in this danger zone, the people and businesses based there will be forced to relocate.

In the UK, think of London, Portsmouth, and Liverpool and…

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