The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

I rewrote this:

We’re all familiar with The Beautiful. It can be summarized by the standard definition. We see it every day in the things we find stunning and pleasant. The Sublime, however, is different. It’s more than just visually enticing. It’s overwhelming. It makes us feel small, and it has the power to engorge us. It’s experienced in the emotion of love, and it’s discovered when we are compelled by a great work of art. It’s a heightened sense of existence beyond comfort and normalcy.

Is great! and save it to my records.

I have records, not becouse I’m important (imp) but becouse they r important to me and may be also imp to the ones who also r important to me.

Everything is relative to me. That’s our law. That’s why we made up Gods, and all them have a lot to do with us, their creators, because that is what is really important to us: to be important (imp)

And we know that we are not imp, but that’s the law of this game, because all we know is that this is just a game (our lives), and the only possible preconceivable law of every game is that we are imp. All we, r imp.

And on that base we build a world full of what is beautiful and sublime to us.

And we walk like taken by winds because the only thing that really matter is to have those f… winds, that flow that makes us forget that we are nothing.