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On the 8th of Sept 2020, the official Xbox Twitter account revealed the very first image of the upcoming console, while also confirming it will cost a very affordable £249.99 ($299).

A number of confirmed features for the Microsoft All-digital Xbox Series S includes:

  1. 4K game upscaling
  2. 4K media playback
  3. Variable refresh rate
  4. Custom NVME SSD (512 GB)
  5. 60% smaller than XSX
  6. 1440p performance up to 120fps
  7. Ray tracing support
  8. 7.5GB RAM

Xbox Series S official trailer

Xbox Series S review video

Official Release Date

Microsoft is yet to confirm a release date for the Xbox Series S, but a leaked video suggests a November launch.

With the Xbox Series X also rumored for a November launch, it’s likely that both consoles will release simultaneously.


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