Bringing the fire once again, B.
Ash Sharp

hee, hee, hee… I’ve discovered my switch, now I’ve got to develop a dial for the volume…

I find it becomes semantic word play. We attack each other with words we’ve loaded with vitriol and meaning. “Socialist” seems to mean “Communist” seems to mean authoritarian dictator.

Socialism as defined to include direct control in economies is flawed. Socialism is the government accepting responsibilities for it’s citizenry.

We decided as a community that we didn’t want poor, old folk panhandling at their end of days… if you survive to a certain age the government will provide assistance for food and shelter. This expanded to healthcare, even in the US. This is the government infringing on potential Private Insurance business and Socialist intrusion into the economy, but it’s proved appropriate. Those enterprises that are required monopolies are more efficiently run by the government. We have had experience with privatization… turns out we don’t want private prisons, for profit public education… private toll roads and bridges… mercenary armies (oh wait, we’ve gone total private contractor in this regard-don’t have to announce casualties)…

We don’t want to privatize 911, police and fire… these should not be profit driven enterprises.

Bill Clintons 1996 Welfare reform had the effect of expanding the pool of children living in poverty, but we still pay lip service (and some actual services) to “No child left behind”… it’s a political football at the moment, but usually we agree kids should have healthcare too.

Your First World government is proscribed to provide a collection of services to it’s citizenry and this is only going to expand.

As the demographics age and mechanization replaces more conventional employment we are left with decisions that conflict with our accepted positions.

Our budgetary decisions aren’t made by Income/Expenditure accounting principles, cost benefit analysis… but by “isms”.

and nowhere is this more prevalent than education. Where we tie public education of children to the property taxes of their parents… and seem confused by the inequity of results.

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