How Document Scanning Solutions Ensure Improved Efficiency and Help Save Time & Costs

Document scanning services can change the way your business operates for the better, and save you both time and money

In this competitive world, your competitors continue to raise the bar of customer experience through various measures. Digitization is one such means that would help provide better customer service in an easier and more efficient way. Here what is important is how and how fast digitization could be done. Customer expectations are increasing due to these digital experiences. In the business office, implementing paperless processes has become very important as a way to streamline business documentation and operate more efficiently. Having a paperless office need not be a distant dream for any business that utilizes document scanning services.

Document scanning is the process of capturing a digital image of a paper document. This method converts documents to electronic searchable documents. The digital images can be processed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which will turn the digital images into text documents and enable keywords search within the documents. These services could change the way your business operates for the better, and save you both time and money. It helps streamline storage and retrieval of files, and makes document management easy and efficient.

Let us see what document imaging/scanning involves.

  • Scanning: This involves creating a digital image of the document and saving it in a content management system. For this, single- or double-sided document scanners of high resolution are used.
  • Identifying and indexing the documents:

→Identify the documents that are necessary. The documents that you frequently access will be scanned immediately, while those that are less frequently used can be scanned as and when necessary. 
 →Find duplicate documents and remove them immediately.

→Make sure that you have a document management system identified ahead of the scanning so that you have an efficient and logical location to store your scanned documents. 
 →Following scanning, index the documents to manage them appropriately. Name and label the files, describe the document contents, and tag them with a range of metadata you can use to track and retrieve the files as required. For example, if you are trying to save tax documents for the year 2017, then label the file or folder as 2017-tax documents. Later, when you are searching for this particular data you can easily search by keyword 2017 or tax documents.

  • Storage: Once all paper documents are digitized, you can store them securely onsite or go for remote storage in a document storage facility. Alternatively you can destroy the paper documents ensuring that there is no breach of data protection laws. Ensure that there are necessary levels of security for the stored documents.
  • Retrieval: This involves searching for the digital files or some information within the files you require, and presenting it to your team in the preferred format.

To take an example, the insurance industry is one that can benefit considerably from document scanning solutions. Insurance companies have high volume of claims forms to process, which can be costly and involves intensive manual processing and data entry. Outsourcing to a reliable document scanning company can offer the following benefits.

  • Speed up claims processing, improve KPIs and customer service
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Increase productivity by freeing up staff to focus on claims handling
  • Increase accuracy and verify data
  • Benefit from automated capture solutions
  • Review existing processes

With an outsourcing partner, insurance data can be automatically extracted for import into insurance claims handling systems. Outsourced services may also include digital mail room services for claims forms handling — opening and sorting claims, digitizing paperwork, extracting important information, and returning the data and scanned images to the company for processing. These services help the insurance sector to significantly reduce claims processing costs, go paperless, secure their confidential data, and speed up the insurance claims processing.

Any business organization will have a constant flow of data and high end scanning technology, which is indispensable to ensure timely digitization of the incoming data. You can invest in advanced scanners and scanning professionals and handle the entire scanning process in-house. Otherwise, you can utilize bulk document scanning services provided by document scanning companies.