Microfiche Scanning: Digitization and its Advantages

Many organizations are digitizing their valuable documents including microfiche assets with the help of a document scanning company.

Businesses around the world are now well ahead on the digitization path, scanning and digitizing their legacy documents. Academic and non-academic organizations are also digitizing their valuable documents, and the digitization is accomplished in most cases with the help of document scanning companies. When we speak of documents, it is not only paper documents that are undergoing digitization but microfiche assets as well.

In the present digital era organizations are moving ahead with the process of converting these also into digital copies. Many companies and organizations go for a hybrid system. They maintain microfiche and microfilm archives while also assembling digital archives for easier access and use.

Microfilm and microfiche were used as an alternative for storing huge volumes of data and picture images and also as space saving solutions. They offered a space savings of 98% over paper. This technology dominated the 70s, 80s and even the early 90s. With the development of technology, however, advanced storage devices that can store data worth 500 gigabytes to terabytesare available in the market. Moreover, the equipment required to display and print microfiche images has been neglected in many cases and become expensive to repair or replace.

Microfiche scanning service is beneficial for libraries, courts, universities, schools, local governments, police departments and so on.

Advantages of Digitizing Microfiche

New and advanced technology is outshining microfiche and so every organization can benefit by digitizing their microfiche assets.

  • The first and foremost advantage is that digitizing microfiche will help you to keep a backup of important documents even at the time of any disaster thereby preventing loss of data.
  • Information can be retrieved, printed and distributed within seconds from the desktop.
  • Digitizing microfiche helps offices save their storage space by eliminating microfiche equipment. The more space that is cleared by digitizing microfiche the more space employees get to work.
  • The cost of maintaining microfiche equipment and supplies can be avoided.
  • The digitized copies can be published on websites for the public or interested parties to view.

For any organization, finding a company that can digitize the microfilm/microfiche data is the better option. The equipment is quite expensive and the process highly complex; therefore the microfilm scanning and conversion are best done by a professional document scanning and conversion company. It is important to understand their price scale to ensure that you can afford their service. The time taken to digitize your microfiche depends on the type of microfiche, the quantity to be digitized and the quality you require. Usually, these service providers offer complete services. They index the scanned documents, and include OCR for text searchable PDF files.