The Space Story told by the young upcoming artist ‘Jaquin’

30th of June 2022, Amsterdam. Here is where the magic happened in his studio the young upcoming music producer ‘Jaquin’ created something that would go into Space. With the original track only available on Soundcloud, Jaquin makes a statement that this is something out of the ordinary!

The artwork of the Space Remix by Jaquin, ALFAQA & JVR Rams

As his single ‘Space’ describes the journey of someone going into space, you can feel this as you listen to the spacial elements of the track. But there is more! As you can listen now to the earlier version of an remix that is even more space than the original track itself!

You can pre-save/pre-sale the track below on iTunes & Beatport!

Check out Jaquin’s socials:






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Jorden Rams

Jorden Rams

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