A guy called Graham Keogh took this picture

This week, The Rusangano Family (RF) won the Irish Album of the year! If you don’t know who they are, you’ve been living under a rock! If you haven’t seen them live, you are definitely missing out! First time I saw them was in August 2014 when they supported BadBadNotGood at the Sugar Club. Murli (RF MC and fellow compatriot, often referred to as cousin for short) mentioned that they were playing a gig so I went through. In fairness, I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. 30 mins later after their set, I was sold! Period! I was sweating buckets because I just danced so much to these songs I never heard before and I loved them. I related to them. I, like both MCs, have a story to tell. As an African kid living in 21st century Ireland, we live a reality that most Irish and European people haven’t really encountered. It’s not bad, it’s just different. The opening track of their debut album (Let The Dead Bury The Dead) is full of statements of our realities; the real realities of an African Kid living in Ireland. Our hardships, our fortunes, and misfortunes all wrapped up in one big bundle of pure awesomeness, with John providing the instrumentals. It’s a masterpiece. FYI I am not omitting John (MyNameIsJohn is the DJ/Producer/Genius/Glue of the RF). He brings so much to the union. His wisdom is on a different level. I spoke to him many times and every encounter has been a truly humbling experience.

Back to these guys winning the Irish album of the year. They didn’t win only because they make dope music. They won because they’ve been able to tell a story that many people (including me) are reserved about telling. It’s also about time music from other ‘alternative’ genres is accepted in Ireland. Can’t wait to catch them this Saturday so that can we turn up!!! They are playing Young Blood: The Beats and Voices of Our Generation this Saturday.

In other news, I just came back from Dubai and I’ve had so much fun. Didn’t get to listen to music as much and I needed to catch up. Singles by AIKJ and Super Silly dropped this week and they add so much flavour to what multi-cultural Ireland can offer! Katie Laffan’s single is out on March 31st. I heard a preview of Nialler9 and I absolutely love it. Check them out, show some love, share their music. Until next time, #WeAreAssemble

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