Winning at Work Is Sold Out

APNI Winning At Work is Sold Out

This week coming, there isn’t a lot happening but it sure will be a busy one. As the president of the African Professional Network, myself and the executive committee are working tirelessly to bring you the first event of 2017. it’s sold out and we look forward to having everyone at it. The event is on Thursday but before then, I will be heading to the IMRO venue awards on Tuesday to support my favourite Uncle Abner Brown. You can still vote for him here. On Wednesday, I will be going to see Ailbhe Reddy at her sold out show at the Sugar Club.

Loud Motive just dropped a new music Video and it’s something I am very excited about. It really shows what Ireland can do in terms of Music. Rocstrong has new music on the way and it’s out on March 10th. Remember where you heard it first. I will release the title of the song in my next post. I am so excited!!!

Until Next week… #WeAreAssemble

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