What makes Silicon Valley So Popular for Programmers?

There are a lot of programmers that I personally know that would love to live in a huge state like California. It is not because of the chance to meet movie stars in Hollywood. It is not because of Cal Tech is a great technological college. It is not even because of the nice warm weather.

The main reason why so many programmers dream about going to California is that of the sheer amount of tech companies that are in the area. Here is a quick list:


-Alphabet (aka Google)































I could go on and on about how many tech companies are in California. Namely the few that are not here are Microsoft and Amazon. What this list proves to us is that California is in dire need of programmers and therefore these companies have no problem hiring people from across the country and overseas.

The sheer demand for programmers and the hype that is created in California with tech and Hollywood colliding together to create the most exciting and interesting place for a software engineer to be in.

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