Ecommerce attracts users by Last mile Delivery to the Trunk of a Car

Volt Technology
Jul 12 · 2 min read

Which delivery method do you like best?

Today, the market offers more than a dozen options for home deliveries, office deliveries, deliveries in the pits, in the shops near the houses, inside the house, and even in the trunk of your car.

Delivery service companies today use literally all types of transports to deliver any goods to your home. Today’s new technologies are the ones, that just a few years ago were not available, some of them are delivery service by drones, scooters, auto delivery robots and buses, trams, subways and bicycles.

Technologies are used even at the place where the goods are left. Today, this is especially noticeable among the companies delivering the last mile. Deliveries that take place inside your home should use special technologies, such as an intelligent lock and a cloud camera for customer security.

Today, the company Amazon offers to deliver your goods in the trunk of your car anywhere, it can be workplace or your home. It is important to specify the addresses where you constantly spend time, and the delivery service can set up an observation of where your car is located, thus delivering directly to the parking space, and access the cloud keys and open your trunk.

Volt Technology is company which is implementing new technology to deliver packages safely and with maximum comfort to customers. The company today is distinguished by adopting blockchain and machine learning.

Each client can use mobile application to receive the last mile delivery service, which is on the blockchain platform.

Since Volt Technology covers a common ecosystem, packages are delivered to specific individuals in the areas served. Because of:

- Reliability of delivery increases.

- Costs are minimized for retailers, major carriers and consumers.

- Anyone can be in the role of the deliveryman.

- Data privacy is protected.

Regardless of who handles the package on the way, the names and personal addresses of consumers are known only to the final delivery driver, who becomes available after the consumer plans to deliver.

Necessity of adopting new technologies is appeared by high demand of delivery service. Users prefer fast delivery until their house. Online shopping and ecommerce is rising up area which needs to offer more attracting service for users.