The Beauty of Iran — Tourism Campaign

UI Design & Illustrations

Project Opportunity

For my last project as a User interface & Communications student at Red Academy we were given the opportunity to :

  1. Build an engaging and impactful brand campaign that promotes tourism to an area or country with a selected target audience.
  2. Create a strong visual brand identity and responsive website creating engaging, impactful and well designed experience for the users and optimized to meet business goals.
  3. Establish a consistent visual identity that carries through different marketing and promotional materials.
  4. Create a logo for the campaign that captures the direction, mood, tone and audience you will be capturing.

Research — Iran

I grew up in Iran and did my elementary schooling there, until emigrating to Canada in 2005. This is one of the reasons why I chose Iran for this project.

Once I moved to Canada, I realized all the misconceptions that there are about Iran due to all the questions that I would get from my peers. I quickly realized that unless someone directly educates themselves about Iran, they wouldn’t know much about the country. This is because all the media that surrounds the region is negative, focusing solely on the government and regime, which is not what Iran is to me.

Iran is its culture, its people and its landscapes.

The ‘Why’

I struggled quite a bit coming up with the wording of my “WHY”. The core to my design inception. I didn’t want it to have any negative words in it but in the end I decided on the following :

“Look past the negative image portrayed by the media and experience the beauty of Iran”

This describes the direction that I wanted to take with my designs. Initially I was going to do a tourism campaign but the more research I did, I realized that people who travelled to Iran where all pleasantly surprised at what greeted them. Looking at images of Iran, no one would think that it was Iran unless told so! These all led me to the idea of creating a digital storybook. I wanted to create illustrations, show images and write little blurbs about Iran without mentioning the country, and have the big reveal at the end — welcome to Iran. I wanted to create a sense of awe and curiosity for the person viewing the storybook.


For my campaign, I wanted to target people that don’t know much about Iran but are adventure seekers. Someone who has travelled the world but has never explored the middle east. Someone who wants to learn about different cultures and is comfortable to step outside their comfort zones.

Target Audience


I created a few moodboards but this is the moodboard that I chose to go ahead with for this project. It has vibrant yet earthy toned colours. It showcases many aspects of Iran, and I took some images to illustrated for my final storyboard / prototype.

Visual Language

I wanted to create a popup storybook with full of colourful illustrations and imagery. The animations will move very smoothly and seamlessly. The storybook will be filled with poetic sayings about the place, creating awe and encouraging curiously.

Style Tile

This style tile gives a brief overview of how the visual elements would come into play on the final prototype. I decided to use Scala for my typography as it is classical yet playful. The serifs also add to the idea of reading a ‘storybook’ and play well with the Iranian architecture that is illustrated in the prototype.


The final logo is on the right-hand side. I started off with playing around with the word ‘Iran’ in farsi. I then wrote it in cursive and played around with the shapes and eliminated the dots. The final version is very abstract and fluid. However, someone who is able to read farsi could tell that it says Iran, if they knew the context and what they were looking at. This ties in with my campaign. To look past negative misconceptions, to look past what you think you know… to read between the lines.


Here is the prototype. The bottom navigation is the different pages / tabs of the storybook. The illustrations will get more detail and will pop up to indicate that the user is on that page!

Enjoy and take an unexpected journey … :)

Display Ads

As part of this project, we had to create display ads for our campaign. These are some examples of what they would look like. Beautiful imagery with some parts of the story, to engage curiosity within the audience.

Here is what the ads would look like in bus stop ads.

Social Media Ads

This is what the social media ads would look like, on different websites or Facebook.


My campaign swag includes a scarf with a logo, as women have to wear headscarfs in Iran and a cute tote bag!

Future Consideration

As a future consideration, I would also work on creating the website that the CTA at the end of the storybook leads to. A website with information on Iranian customs, what to do / not to do and the go-to cities and places. I only had time to create this storybook as this was a short 3 week sprint. However, I would love to develop it further.