Eat A Frog With Promodoro🧐

So here it begins. I really am not bad at doing my stuff with attention and concentration. But these days when I got this assignment I realized I need this technique because I get some distractions as I have cousins at home and my Mom is really not well so what I experienced during this is shared with you below:

What’s the Technique basically:

Set the timer for 25 minutes

Choose a task to focus on

Remove the distractions and then Focus on it

Write down the distractions that hit you during these 15 minutes

What I choose to perform in 25 minutes:

Complete my University English assignment that I couldn’t complete the whole vacation. Well it is a good chance for me to complete my assignment.

So Let’s start.

What Distractions I faced and how I completed it?

So I started it at 5pm in the afternoon. Although it was more than 25 minutes task but still I gave it a try so that maybe When I am able to start once I will make it to the end.

I turned off my notifications. I set my laptop to DO NOT DISTURB mode so that I don’t get notifications from e-mail and face-book etc.

I set the timer after making all the arrangements and then put my phone aside. I started writing and concentrating on my work.

The first distraction I faced was I lost my pen while writing. I forgot where I put it and I wasted 2 minutes in finding it.

Second distraction I got “ I was tired of writing after 10 minutes because I was hating this work -_-

Then the timer running reminded me that “ No Manahil keep going, Don’t stop.

After a few minutes I wanted to check my phone and take updates from friend and then I realized that I can’t even concentrate for 25 minutes. And then I told myself NO MANAHIL CONCENTRATE.

Then the one thing that I was already expecting. My youngest, naughtiest, bossy cousin came and started teasing me. “Bhena I want your phone. Bhena I want to play games. Bhena play with me bla bla bla”. I had to ditch him by saying that my laptop is on the table outside. When he went outside I locked the door. And that costed me Rs. 500 burger and chocolates to make up his mind.

And when I sat back to work the timer started to beep. And I could only finish my two topics.


Firstly, I realized that its really hard to constantly sit and do some work when you are surrounded by humans. They take away all the thoughts from your mind. Secondly, I realized that by setting the timer I was able to do more work more productively as I knew that I have to finish it in this time-period. Otherwise in this situation and rush I could be able to write only only two words and then maybe I would have postponed my work again.

So it WAS really helpful for me. I would recommend you too to try this technique and make your work more productive and perform your task with more concentration.