What does diversity bring to a company?

Pic by Matheus Viana on Pexels

Diversity is not for the sake of having a team picture reflecting all shades of the colour palette. Having a diverse workforce is much beyond skin colour.

Usually, the world is segregated into two:

men and women,

whites and blacks,

Westerners and Asians.

Let’s put men, whites and westerners in the “lucky” category and women, blacks and Asians in “hustlers”

The lucky ones have socio, economic and educational advantages. Whereas the hustlers make their way up after tremendous hard work, fighting socio-economic battles, constantly unlearning what they have been told, failing, fighting, winning, building resilience to reach the same place as lucky ones.

graph of all the goodness :)

If you put it on a graph (because MBA, because we dream on x-y axis, because why not)

As shown here, the hustlers start way below than lucky ones, but when they work up and reach the same place as the others, you know how much they have worked.

And this high magnitude of resilience, wisdom and experience, reflects in their work, and on the growth of the company.

The next time when you read the words “inclusivity” and “diversity” on the employee page, do check if the company celebrates the employee’s personal journey.

Because a group picture with different shades of black, white and brown won’t tell it. :)




Writing Out Loud!

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Manali Duddalwar

Manali Duddalwar

Writing Out Loud!

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