Anita Choudhrie Transcends Her ‘Path to Success’

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.”- Mary Ritter Beard

Anita Choudhrie, an avid art enthusiast and a generous philanthropist, has devoted a major chunk of her life to help people in distress. 12 years ago when she decided to settle in UK, she felt the need of setting up a charitable body that can help disabled and disadvantaged, and thus in 2006 she started ‘Path to Success’ — a charity house to uplift challenged societies.

Anita shared how Path to Success came into being, “I have always wanted to help people and always admired Mother Teresa. She was such a spiritual person, she made people realise that how and what they give in life is unique. At university in Delhi I was involved in social aid, working with children with disabilities and with the impoverished. I started a charity in India 2002 working with children; I always found it a huge challenge but an amazing experience.

“I set up Path to Success as an umbrella charity. We help the sick, the homeless, children who can’t get funding for their education and anyone with physical or mental disabilities. There are people with so many different disabilities and I wanted to help them all. Just to focus on one became difficult. It’s so satisfying to be able to share as much as possible.”

Considering it a big challenge, Anita Choudhrie also talked about how she and her team decided to help disabled, and worked dedicatedly towards achieving the larger goal. “We collected a lot of data and research in 2012 and launched our ’60 for 60’ campaign to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to support 60 NHS hospitals from north to south with 60 wheelchairs. But we raised enough money to buy 83 wheelchairs.”

This project proved to be one of the most heart-warming and emotionally rewarding experiences for Anita and her team. “We have always championed the disabled. Wheelchairs can cost anything from £500 to several thousand pounds and over the years we have helped so many people and made so much difference to so many lives. I wish we could support even more people.

“We will always help victims of injury, mental, physical. There is so much you can do for people now with power-assisted and mechanised wheelchairs, but they are increasingly expensive. Personalised equipment is helping patients become more independent, and more mobile. They need funding.”

Anita expressed her happiness over the fact that there are more charity houses functioning across the globe that are self-empowered, well-kept and have larger goals in mind.