Week 13

This week, my group got to present about spiral of silence. The Spiral of Silence is when there is a majority of people agreeing for one idea, while there are a few that do not agree with what the others have agreed upon. They keep their opinions to themselves due to the fact that there are less of them. The spiral of silence also refers to how the majority of the group will treat the minority people after they explain their opinions. There is also the possibility that there is an even worse consequence than just being isolated, and one of the example is loss of job.

We also learned that stereotypes could be influenced by our values. The traits we value are the positive stereotypes and the traits we do not value are the negative stereotypes. We got to discuss about the traits that are valued by American society, which are friendly, freedom, openness, and many option. On the other hand, the traits that American society does not value are respect to the elderly (honorific language), and quantity goes over quality.

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