Week 14

Communication & Stereotypes

Human communication and Media affects us a lot when we stereotype things, and media plays a huge part of it.

The positive contact experiences in the past will leads you to a positive stereotypes and the negative contact experiences will lead you to a negative stereotypes. However, lamping everybody together is not good because not everybody falls into a same place.

From the presentation “Conflict management style.”


- The lose-win strategy

- Selfless

- Full cooperation from one side

- Good for situations with low expertise

- Maintains positive regard


- Simply avoiding the issue

- It takes both a low concern for self and low concern for others

- Does not look for compromise

- This strategy may be effective when the conflict is over something rather trivial

- Widely considered to be non-effective


- A win-lose strategy

- High concern for self, and low concern for others

- Appropriate when quick, and decisive action is necessary

- Low level of cooperation

- Lose lose situation

- A way of reaching an agreement in which each person or group gives up something tat was wanted in order to end an argument or dispute.


- The true win-win scenario

- Equal cooperation

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