Week 3: Metaphor

The Machine Metaphor has three aspects, which are specialization, standardization, and predictability.

Firstly, specialization is also called division or labor and it means that every past has a specific function.

Secondly, standardization includes replace-ability. For example, employees like cogs in a machine can be replaced and are interchangeable.

Finally, predictability is what runs according to specific rules and standards. Therefore, if something goes wrong, it can be fixed by looking at how the rules and standards were applied or misapplied.

Metaphor makes it easier to communicate and imagine about confusing or complex things.

There are three authorities according to Max Weber’s theory and the three are traditional authority, charismatic authority, and rational legal authority.

The examples of traditional authority are kings, queens, people who rule the country, and the power is mostly passed down from the family.

Charismatic authority is a people that have followers because of their personality and ability that attracts others, such as musicians.

Rational legal authority’s power is based on the rational application of rules, such as police officer, military, and governor.

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