Engineers and India…

“The world is strange but I guess India is even more stranger…”

Its been about 15 years and 3 .5 months since I have been witnessing this majestic nation and its truly majestic people. Here I will depict another ‘MAJESTIC’ variety of Indians called “ENGINEERS”.

“Engineering is fun, it leads to a pathway of Jobs.”- said one. “Hell yeah! especially if you get into an IIT”- said the other. Well I don’t know what misconception has lead to such a far-and-wide rise of Engineers. It has become such a career option that if someone has yet not found his interest then he would become another great Engineer.

Analyzing the number of students giving the IIT-JEE gets me shell shocked looking at the budding engineers. “I do engineering as it has a lot of money” are most of the views.

Amusingly I found out even in my locality every second or third teen is an Engineer and most of my school seniors the same.

Mr. A is a Mechanical Engineer, Mr. B is a Computer Science Engineer and Mr. C is an Electrical Engineer. Now lets look at their jobs:

Mr. A works in a Bank as the manager.

Mr. B is an Indian Revenue Officer.

Mr. C is unemployed and may soon become a bus conductor.

Now, I don’t get the fun which people get by doing Engineering and then going for any random Government job.


P.S. This was just a satirical description. I do not intend to hurt anybody’s feelings. I do respect your views and would love to know about them.

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