India ‘s technology industry has expanded at an unparalleled rate. COVID-19, a Black Swan event, has slowed the speed of the global economy and is gradually reshaping the norms for doing business. Over the past 9 months, big power vacuums have been produced in various industries. Throughout this time, Indian start-ups and potential entrepreneurs have been left with a critical decision, either to change the strategy to meet the needs of the new normal, or to stay the course.

Years of experience flowing through the waters of the Hardware Technology Industry has allowed me to write about the obvious facts and figures that have somehow made an horrific epidemic a light at the end of the tunnel and left us with never before seen opportunities to succeed in a global environment. …

Four animals are mentioned especially often on Wall Street: bulls and bears, hogs and sheep. Traders say: “Bulls make money, bears make money, but hogs get slaughtered.”

A bull is a buyer — a person who bets on a rally and profits from a rise in prices. A bear is a seller — a person who bets on a decline and profits from a fall in prices

Hogs are greedy. Some of them buy or sell positions that are too large for their accounts and get slaughtered by a small adverse move. …


Many people have an innate drive to achieve their personal best, to develop their abilities to the fullest. This drive, along with the pleasure of the game and the lure of money, propels traders to challenge the markets.

The goal of a good trader, paradoxically, is not to make money. His goal is to trade well. If he trades right, money follows almost as an afterthought. Successful traders keep honing their skills as they try to reach their personal best.

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A successful trader is a realist. He knows his abilities and limitations. He sees what’s happening in the markets and knows how to react. He analyzes the markets without cutting corners, observes himself, and makes realistic plans. …


Manan Barjatya

A Student of Finance. V.P. Finance at Vicara. Here to share my learning and insights.

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