GSoC Diaries 3.02: All about tags

Hello World!

I have successfully implemented the tags feature for the Astropy tutorials. Now when you visit the tutorials landing page, you will see all the tutorials on placards with the title and an abstract. You can find all the tags in a sidebar on the left-hand side.

Astropy Tutorials page

Each tag has a corresponding checkbox which you can select to filter results. Multiple tags can also be selected at the same time. For example I have selected both Astroquery and coordinates in the screenshot below.

Astropy Tutorials page with multiple filters selected


I added the tag “filterTutorials” to all the tutorial’s .rst file so that I have a keyword which is unique to tutorials. I then make a normal search query for it to display all the tutorials. I will similarly add the other relevant tags to all the tutorials to implement the filter-by-tags feature. Currently, when you select a tag, it just makes a full-text search in the tutorials for that tag and shows the results.

Next I am working on integrating the new Astropy tutorials theme with the existing Sphinx build mechanism.