30 Days of Meditation

I have been interested in meditation and mindfulness for a long time now. I had read a lot about the numerous benefits of meditation. But I really got into practicing it seriously only last year. Even then, it failed to become a habit which carried on. I tried several times: I would do it for two or three weeks and then have a period of few weeks where I wouldn’t do it at all, or would do it only once a week or so. I’d always make excuses like Oh I’m too tired today or I have an exam to study for or something or the other… But not this time. I have decided to set a challenge for myself to meditate every single day for thirty days straight, and I invite you to join me.

The Challenge

Meditate every single day for at least ten minutes for thirty days straight. Starting Sunday, June 12. On every day of the challenge, I will share a little reflection on how my meditation session went, how I felt after it and how it affected my day. Along with this I will also post about different topics/benefits connected with meditation.

‘Challenge accepted. But I’ve never meditated before- how do I do it?’

Good question. If you’re a beginner (aren’t we all…), I recommend doing a guided meditation session. You can get a lot of recordings and audio sessions online. I personally like this app called Calm, which contains a variety of short and long guided meditation sessions. Once you have your guided session ready to play, just sit down at a comfortable spot, close your eyes, hit play and follow along.

If you decide to take up this challenge, please comment below, sharing your experiences/thoughts or reflections on how your session went or about meditation in general.

Here’s some motivation to kick things off:

Disclaimer :

I’m not an expert on mediation. Just someone who’s been interested and curious about it for a long time. I’ve been doing it off and on, have experienced the benefits myself and have read a lot about meditation and its benefits. And now decided to take on this 30 day challenge publicly as a way for me to commit to it and to help others do the same as well as share some quick bites on meditation everyday.

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