Incubator for Aerospace Entrepreneurs

A while back I covered about angel investor network for aerospace entrepreneurs and listed some of their portfolio companies. While digging around, I came across another gem for aerospace entrepreneurs. It’s a startup incubator based out of Boulder, CO, that is focused on incubating aerospace companies. The non-profit entity known as eSpace — The Center for Space Entrepreneurship is formed by a joint partnership between University of Colorado, Boulder and Sierra Nevada Space Systems.

Their website writes that their mission is “to support the creation and development of an important national resource — entrepreneurial space companies; to commercialize the technologies that they create; and to develop a diversified 21st century workforce to catalyze their growth.”

You can find more about their application here and application review process here.

Once accepted into the program, the startups will receive following benefits:

  • Grants of $20,000 per venture for initial start-up expenses
  • Partnership with an established aerospace business leader as a venture mentor
  • Access to eSpace’s extensive network of aerospace leaders, including high-level executives in small, medium, and large aerospace companies; government funding agencies; and aerospace angel and equity financing resources
  • Physical space and resources at the eSpace Incubator location including office space, IT backbone, phones, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Access to aerospace infrastructure on an at-cost, non-interference basis including quality systems, manufacturing systems, clean rooms and test facilities
  • CU Aerospace undergraduate and graduate students as a low-cost research and design workforce

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