I know I haven’t kept my word to write frequently here. While I try to get on a better routine to manage my work, here is something I captured a few weeks ago through my work with World Pulse.

On August 6th, the World Pulse Digital Ambassadors met online, as every week, for the #ThrivingThursday meet-up.

These calls began at the onset of the global lockdown due to COVID-19. Many weeks later, these sessions have beautifully transformed into a space where the Ambassadors hold each other, listen to each other, be pillars of support, and encourager one another. …

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Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my journey with periods and the stigma attached to it. So I decided to ask a few friends of mine what they went through as well.

This piece was originally developed for The Ahimsa Project by The Red Elephant Foundation, with an aim to curate dialogues and to break the taboo.

— — — —

The heavy taboo attached to menstruation is a common feature world over. For years now, women have been undeterred in their efforts to normalize menstruation. Normalizing menstruation can not only culminate in the appropriate exercise of personal agency…

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Image Source: World Pulse

Earlier this year, I got introduced to the global social network called World Pulse through a really close friend, mentor and colleague of mine.

What is World Pulse?

In a world where women struggle to survive every day, World Pulse gives you hope for better tomorrow, encourages your every milestone (no matter how small) & makes you want to be a better person so the world can be a better place.

Personally, being part of this network has been really inspiring. Joining this global sisterhood will ensure your voice is heard, your opinions valued and your actions celebrated! Using the…

Following my personal take on menstruation and the stigma I faced as a girl, I thought it would be interesting to keep the conversation alive by including experiences of people around me. This is the first part of such a conversation with men.

Breaking the silence around menstruation requires mutual and coordinated efforts to create and continue dialogues around accessibility, health, and hygiene. It cannot be sidelined as a women’s-only issue. …

2019 almost disappeared at the blink of an eye! But I have also binged on some really great shows this year. Here is a list of my personal favourites, not in any particular order. Some of them have me cry, some made me laugh uncontrollably, some made me wonder about life and some made me want to give up on humanity. But here we are at the end of 2019, waiting for more shows to release in the upcoming year.

  1. Fleabag — Phoebe Walder-Bridge won over a million hearts with this quirky cynical humour. …

I’ve been cat-sitting my friends kitten for the past few days and it’s taken me back to the my childhood memories of our dog. I’m not the person who will pick if I am a dog or cat person. I think they are both beautiful in their own way and you cannot compare either to say one is better.

Going back to the story of my dog. He was a beautiful chocolate brown Indian bred, who happen to be a part of my family by chance. My father dislikes pets. He truly believes humans are animals themselves, then why bring…

This Diwali weekend has been quiet.

Life is back to a routine (more or less) with the onset of Monday. Over the weekend, I mostly stayed in looking for more work online. Part of freelancing life is that you are always on the lookout for more work — a quality I seriously lack. With the help of my ever encouraging roommate, I signed up on a few websites that provide regular work for writers but its a tedious process.

To set up a suitable profile, showcase the work, provide links and proof to the work and presenting arguments as to…

Last December I finally made up my mind to take a risk and quit my full-time well paying job to see how freelance life treats me. It took a couple of months to work out the details of what next but I started my journey as a freelancer from March 2019. As a lawyer in India, freelancing is yet a new concept. Luckily for my interest to pursue a career in the development sector and not a mainstream legal practice, I was open to multiple choices.

Currently, I write, research, and provide legal consultation in the areas of gender, human…

There’s been a lot going on in the world. Mumbai election results just came out. A girl was burned alive after accusing headteacher of sexual assault, in Bangladesh, and the 16 responsible are sentenced to death. On other news, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to kill it.

I see people hustle with such much zeal everyday and wonder how they do it. One day I hope to have that amount of pizzazz.

But for now am switching off to get a better start tomorrow to get some productive work done.

G’night, world!

originally written for World Pulse in response to Menstruation Matters

I was really really young when I got it for the first time. Just finishing 4th grade and going into the 5th.

I had no idea that women have to go through this EVERY month! I didn’t even know a word called menstruation existed. My mom wanted to wait a few more years until she could have this uncomfortable conversation with me, but nature didn’t wait. Schools in India didn’t really speak about this and even those other early birds who were faced with early onset of menstruation…

Manasa Ram Raj

Writer. Lawyer. Researcher | Research on Gender and Law with The Gender Security Project | Community Engagement on World Pulse | Read: manasaramraj.com |

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