001 Trolling: A Review of an Instant Cult Classic of 2017

And some bold, original commentary on feminism, race and Trump

If every one of society’s clichés got together and had an orgy after one too many wine coolers, the rebel offspring would be 001 Trolling, the latest indie film of the year with real cult cred. I stumbled upon it accidentally and fell in love for the first time since Mad Max: Fury Road. ‘001 Trolling’ is a story of the internet, by the internet and for the internet — specifically about ‘trolls’ or deliberately derogatory (often inflammatory) content posted on discussion boards, social media comments and even blogs. The screenplay is marginal at best, with actors trying their best to put up a shoddy act, as though to troll the fad of method acting itself. But what really got me hooked was the dialogue which is molded to sass-perfection and is bitingly real for our troubled times. The film is essentially a troll of every element of normative society — from white privilege to feminism, albeit an intelligent troll. I watched the film and took to Twitter to drop in a word of appreciation on the Gregg Golding’s handle (writer and director). In a cosmic turn of events, he re-tweeted my tweet and the flagrant film critic in me was sufficiently inspired to list down my favorite dialogues from the film and some additional commentary.

Society is like an overprotective mother, pampering us and making us weak. We (Grid Gang) are her to rip those support systems away.

The official plot summary goes like this:

Odyn, an unfulfilled aspiring rapper languishes as a security guard in Oakland Ca. By night he adopts the catfish proxy of a famous rapper in chat rooms to seduce girls as his girlfriend sleeps. Little does he know that his activity is being monitored by Richard Nullman of the world-renowned Internet trolling organization The Grid Gang (consisting of Richard and his two agoraphobic polyamourous lovers). Odyn is scouted, the planet is trolled, relationships explode, and the secret which unites them… could destroy them.
A really cool sci-fi helmet from the film

The plot makes space for several caveats of woke commentary and kernels of unspoken truths on race, gender and the present world order. Take this brilliant jibe at white, cisgender feminism for instance:

Yeah, but if you’re a white feminist you’re just going to take the liberties you’ve been given, merge them with your white privilege, patriarchal super structure, plug yourself in as an affiliate of that machine and leave us minorities out to dry!

There’s no denying that white privilege and a hetero-normative mindset leads to a warped version of bigoted feminism that the world could do very well without. I mean, how can feminism ever be spoken about without first speaking about race? They’re both intertwined together so tightly! We need more woke feminists, willing to transcend the barriers of race and gender, to successfully dethrone the patriarchal order.

Fleeting fashion trends are reckless delights (001 Trolling, still-frame)

On fleeting fashion trends and the incessant, invincible need to be fashionable:

But what you have to remember (Trey) is those Coach-bags and outfits from anthropology signify a greater white privilege that can help send our (brown/black) kids to the right college… Or can just give them the sense of entitlement that they need to succeed

001 Trolling — still frame

On the blues of being brown in America:

Rich white people tell their kids not to view the doctor as an authority figure but a sounding board for their own independent concerns

On why sex-workers are not immoral at all, or at least just as immoral as the rest of us:

Employment itself is perverted

On TRUMP and the right-wings of fried chicken, but mostly Trump:

Cultural warfare fuels the internal narcissistic supply of all conservative politicians

Here’s a film for every gluten-free, avocado-loving millennial out there who just ran out of pot. I chose this film over the leaked GOT episode, you should too.