“Melancholy is a nostalgic word it describes something forgotten and fragile.”

As years and days go through, we change drastically without even noticing, we change until it’s too late to go back to innocence or the naive days. This change is called growth, though sometimes we grow out of bitterness, it’s the result of letting go of the things we loved the most, letting go of the liveliest days of our lives. While the world call it growth I call it growing out of ourselves of our true selves, we become strangers to our inners, whom refused to go with the flow and stayed in their spots to remind and torture us in the darkest moments of the night. Past is a major part of who we are today. Therefore, we try hard to create a reality which is so much different from what were living in before. we claim that we moved on and we forgot though for a senseless reason this is the reality of a hunted person by his past. Growth is celebrated outwardly, though we shall only hear the breaks inside whilst the claps are drumming.