My Journey as a Fresher

Hi, I am a Software Developer. I choose this field as my profession because I love playing with the codes. This is the the sole reason why I had left electronics as my career and switched to software industries. But being a fresher in software industry requires a lot of dedication and efforts if you are from a different field. I have to maintain balance between learning and working. I can’t spend much time tweaking the code and still have to keep learning and experimenting new things. Unlike college days where I keep fiddling my codes, now I have to be more optimized. At that time I used to participate in the programming competitions. Those competitions seems very fascinating to me because every new problem felt like a brainstorming session. I have to think very dynamically to achieve the best solution. But finding a solution isn’t always a challenging problem rather than finding the most efficient and robust one. Usually after solving a problem, I try to find better alternatives. This in turn, improved my programming and inspired me to write better codes.

Now, after becoming a developer, I have to maintain a balance between my productivity and the quest of finding a better solution. A problem can be solved using different approaches but which one would be the best in the current scenario, only experienced can tell. Sometimes I have to trade-off between different aspects. There are a lot of question going on in mind- What if this approach doesn’t have any significant effect on the end user? What if I improve the code to a better version? Is this going to affect my productivity? At these time a helping advice can significantly affect your mental ability to tackle the situation. But as we know some things take time, so the best option seems to be keep trying and never let your inquisitiveness die for sake of anything because one day or the other I am surely gonna be that helping hand for other.

IT is a rapidly changing field. Each passing day introduce many new technology into market and a lot more into our daily life that we don’t even notice. So, to be the unbeatable one, it is quite necessary to observe our real life well and keep learning because it is the time to mimic human lives into machines. It is the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence. But to compete with that growing challenge first we have to be intelligent enough to decide our path. And that’s exactly the reason to keep challenging ourself each day and be a better self.