Your mind is a magic box.

Sometimes things can go pretty bad, some decisions get delayed, and you may miss on something. Not a nice feeling huh?

I feel extremely sad if I take some wrong turn.

I have that self blaming mechanism ON that fires on me, at least for some minutes it continues once I get to know the flaw.

But then I accept my flaw, yes it was a wrong move, should be but won’t be undone. So when you get this feeling; Try to find a peaceful corner somewhere and do the below.

Confort to yourself about flaw. Start thinking of alternative ways that can ultimately redirect you to a right path, where you always wanted to be.

When you think of other options, try to realize you have reached your ultimatum already. I bet on you that your stress will reduce. You would feel calmer. Once you feel calmer and stronger. You open your eyes and make it into a real plan.

This actually works like magic. Seeing what you want to achieve and thinking you have got it - is the simple most formula of getting all what you want. Alas! I wish I knew it in school where I always wanted to be 1st topper but always came 2nd.

So whenever you find yourself stuck. Close eyes and let your imagination wander around success. Consider it is done and it will be done by tremendous power of your mind.

So are you feeling stuck? Sit calm, and make your mind work.