Research Experience :

-I was involved in analyzing and discussing with my lab members the estimation of intrinsic dimension of a dataset derived by applying the principle of maximum likelihood to distances between close neighbors and how to implement it in visualization. 
-I studied decision making under stochastic deadlines rather than infinite deadlines, along with my project on how contrary to classical models of object recognition , figural processing determines low level processing . This experiment shows how the global grouping (Gestalt) effect will make a difference in perception of local properties and in which pattern.
- Integration of all this information also helped the other two experiments, Optimism Bias and Ice Fishing. Optimism Bias demonstrates how people incorporate information from an outside source as well as their own performance, in understanding their capacity in a variety of cognitive domain.
-The lab tried to study whether people are biased toward certain types of feedback, example, positive feedback, or feedback that is consistent with their initial beliefs. 
-Ice-Fishing demonstrates how humans make repeated decisions to achieve a long-term goal under uncertain environment.
-The lab approached the question through developing learning and control models that naturally capture the balance between exploration and exploitation.