Some Facts About AED Training

The term AED refers to an automated external defibrillator. It can be used for the sudden cardiac arrest, which is a sudden medical emergency and can strike without any warning. If AED treatment is done within three minutes of cardiac arrest, it can save a life! It delivers an electric shock to get the heart back on its natural beat.

These AEDs devices are very sophisticated and based on microprocessors that help to analyze the ECG signals, including its frequency, amplitude like as slope or wave morphology. It is revealed that AEDs are infrequently affected by movement of the patient according to their seizures and respiration systems, repositioning of the patient, or artificial signals.

AEDs can be used by both trained and untrained individuals, but are more effective if used by a trained person. But in case of emergency situation individual with no training can also use it.

The video given below tell you about how to use an AED in case of a cardiac arrest. You must learn AED training to perform very in case of any emergency.

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