Be native user for which platform you are developing products

“Greats products comes from great users”

A current trend is developing apps, extensions , add-on or plugins as free or commercial product. People contributes to different open source community as well as make money by selling commercial products. A product can be small or big but it’s important it must be followed by the standard of the native platform for which it’s developed. Suppose if you are developing ios or android apps then there is certain design guidelines which you should not break or you must follow. If you are developing wordpress plugin or joomla extension then you must follow their native coding standard.

So, you know the coding standard, you know the design guide you may start to develop a product. To me this is not all, you must be familiar with the system or platform you are developing. Use the platform, be an advanced user and be an expert user. If you are a regular or advanced or expert user you know what other general user may need. Your regular and advance usages knowledge will help you to make idea for a ‘correct’ product, will help you to do native design.

I strongly believe

“Greats products comes from great users”

While working with co-workers or team mates, I always feel the need if they use the platform they are developing extensions(read products). Do they know the feelings of the users for this platform.

So here is my suggestions

Be native
Be an advance user
Follow the standard
Try to understand the community
Use it personally

Have a good day

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