Fat Free Resume Preparation Tips for IT Jobs

Sabuj Kumar Kundu
May 10, 2018 · 5 min read

A recruiter usually takes 30–60 seconds for reading a resume. Within this 60 seconds he decides if he will review it again or not. So if you keep your resume short, chances will be increased to have a second review of your resume. There is difference between CV and resume. Today I will try to give you advice about how to write “Fat Free Resume” step by step. Here by “Fat Free” I meant writing only the important things in resume and make it short as much as possible.

Here fat free resume doesn’t mean less but ‘not extra’.

In short:
CV — long, covers your entire career, static
Resume — short, no particular format rule, highly customization

I will suggest to send resume, not CV. If you want, you can create two files. In that case first attach resume, then attach CV.

Most people may add present address and permanent address. But think for a while, is your address really necessary before you are hired? Maximum you can add your present address in short. For example

Mr. Xyz Abc
Kataban, Dhaka -1205

If your address in necessary, interviewer will ask for details in interview or later.

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Many people write his educational qualification in details. Details means when he passed SSC, HSC Hons, Masters(if) and also what is his CGPA etc. I will suggest to write only last two. If Hons is maximum qualification then write title with details. Your school college is not much necessary in IT job. In case it is needed, you will be asked. (Here, degree SSC, HSC etc are Bangladesh compatible which may be compatible of A level and O level in most countries). In bangladesh SSC is up to School, HSC in college and later people go to university, in case you are confused about school, college and university in terms of my writing as it’s based on county bangladesh.

In the end of resume, some people give references of two to three people. If you really want to give reference I will suggest to give reference of your thesis faculty or adviser as in very few cases this reference has been checked.

There are people who ask others to write resume for them or do copy and paste. Don’t do this. Where you can complete many tough stuffs, asking anyone else to write your resume is nothing but laziness. You should only follow format from others.

For freshers, if they don’t have any experience ( they are supposed not to have any, but still who are active may do part time job or freelancing, I am not saying its mandatory ) then they should write their skills as they have.

You can follow this order (sections are) :

1. write you name in left side with Skype and mobile/phone number contact with short address, your website/portfolio website, LinkedIn profile or such pro social network profiles (Facebook is not professional social network, so don’t put such links) and attach a photo in right side, try to be modest in the photo.

2. career objective within 3/4 lines ( don’t write something like you are superman )

3. skill set ( many write educational qualification here, but I will suggest to write it later )

4. if you have any experience, write it after skills

5. now education.

6. references but its optional.

You should write it within one page, otherwise maximum two pages. Please keep in mind the more you are expert and experienced your resume will be more short. A CS(computer science)/CSE(computer science and engineering))fresher will write he knows 15 programming languages but a 2 years experienced guy will write about maximum 3 languages as you learnt something at school is not same as you will be able to code in recent time. That is why I asked not to be superhuman.

It is good to have personal website. One can buy domain for one year which will cost one thousand taka or not more than $10 USD for a year.. For getting free hosting GitHub or WordPress can be used. In your own portfolio site regularly add your improvement as blog post. Regularly write which technical things you are learning and which critical problem you solved in recent time and how.

Share your personal project in GitHub. Instead of acting lazy and just uploading only projects in GitHub, it’s better to add some description. Without running whole project output cannot be seen, so add some screenshots as well there. For design focused career create portfolio in Dribbble, Behance.

Open account in LinkedIn and fill up all possible sections forms properly. Add LinkedIn and GitHub profile link in resume, I already mentioned.

Banglish(writing bangla using english which makes strange meaning and odd reading experience) shouldn’t be used in professional work. I will suggest not to use Banglish in anywhere. [For bangladeshi people]

Email resume in PDF format. You should use your name as the name of your file. Use lower case for naming file and use underscore for replacing space in name. For example, xyz_abc.pdf. Files named in this format(pdf) can be opened in browser using Gmail or similar email client without downloading it. If you want to send other files don’t zip, send as separate attachment in same email.

Red, green or blue color should not be used in resume. I meant, don’t make it colorful, but make it simple to read. Check which fonts are good for readability. Better readability means better chance to get noticed.

Resume is an advertisement of your own, your ‘simple and short’ presentation.

Many experienced people may not agree with me but if you follow these advice hopefully you will be succeeded. Whatever I wrote in this article is from my experience as job seeker and later as recruiter

Just after reading this, those who have started working on their resume and trying to create a fat free resume will become advanced from others.

Note: I wrote this article in bengali in my personal blog before. Actually I prepared this article to give some advice in facebook based IT career group CSE/EEE Jobs at Bangladesh .

As the article was written in bengali language, I requested if someone can help me to write in english (I wanted to save time and thought to check how the junior guys are active) and Mahfuza Humayra Mohona really surprised me by translating the article in english.

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Thank you for reading, don’t forget to share this article your friends if this can be helpful.

Sabuj Kumar Kundu

Written by

Founder & CEO, Codeboxr.com

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