Top 3 Popular Facebook apps for Android and iOS

The most popular social media site is Facebook which provides several opportunities to ensure good growth in your business. Facebook is a platform where thousands of people are connecting with each other, different groups, and communities to share their ideas and views. Thus, it is the right place to promote your products and gain the attention of targeted people.
 Facebook promotion is best known as Social Media Marketing which is one of the techniques of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing refers to the latest approach of the marketing where you have to promote your brand or business using digital channels Such as (JanBaskDigitalDesign). Digital marketing is also known as Internet Marketing and Online marketing. This is the best way to connect with brand audience world widely and maximize the profitability as well as ROI. 
 Facebook offers several apps with its own official app and also provided opportunity to embed others official apps. In addition to this, Facebook also well known for their Messenger support using which you can’t only do live chat but you can also do video call with your friends and relatives. In this article, we are going to discuss top three Facebook apps for Android and IOS users. 
 The most powerful Android and iOS apps by Facebook are Friendly, Swipe, and Puffin. All these apps offer their extraordinary experience which we can only think. These apps require less mobile memory space to run and store their application data. In addition to this, they also offer unbeatable security for their users and combine Facebook as well as Messenger apps into a single app. Let’s discuss these Facebook apps in details.
 Friendly for Facebook 
 Sometimes we need to switch very frequently between Facebook app and Messenger app to carry out our Facebook oriented chats. Thus, to get rid from the switching problem between Facebook and Messenger apps, Facebook offers Friendly app for their Android and iOS mobile users. Friendly is freely available ad supported app which combines the strength of Facebook and Messenger apps into a single application. Friendly app not only combines the Facebook and Messenger apps but you can also sort as well as filter your feeds by highlighting specific yet quality keywords. Friendly app provides a set of functionality to enhance your web browsing experience. Using Friendly app, you can add custom colors, font styles and sizes, and most importantly to add the ability of postcode or Touch ID lock to your Facebook as well as Messenger apps for more security. 
 Puffin for Facebook
 Puffin app is freely available Facebook app which enhances your web browsing experience. Puffin uses its own cloud rendering technology to offer a speedy and low resource Facebook experience. Additionally, this app also enables its mobile users to track the month data saving capabilities. Moreover, Puffin is best known as a web wrapper which means that it offers the same features and functionalities as Facebook’s mobile browser offers. 
 Swipe for Facebook
 Facebook offers highly functional and advanced Facebook app for their Android and iOS mobile users. Swipe provides highly customize experience which is rich of several features namely night mode, multiple color schemes, and Material Design visual tweaks. As similar to Puffin, Swipe is also a lightweight web-wrapper app which enhances your web browsing experience. Using Swipe app, you can easily browse in your timeline, edit your profile, make friends by accepting requests, and block heavy images to save data usage, and the most importantly use extra security by enabling PIN or Fingerprint lock option.