Top 5 Online Resource For Hadoop Training

Before we dive straight to the topic of what all are the top 5 online resources available for Hadoop training, we must first quickly understand what Hadoop is, what it does and how it helps businesses. Hadoop, also known as Apache Hadoop is a Java based programming framework which is available free and it supports large data sets processing in a distributed computation domain. Sponsored by Apache Software Foundation, Hadoop is a part of Apache Project.

Some of the ways Hadoop can be advantageous to your business is via offering the companies to make better strategies studying out the comprehensive analysis of multiple data sets and variables, instead of relying on minuscule data samples. The capability of processing vast set of diverse data provides the users of Hadoop a comprehensive perspective of the operations, customers, risks, opportunities etc.

Hadoop basically takes away massive manual effort that would be otherwise invested for conducting multiple data analyses and synthesizing the results in the organizations. Getting back to the topic, business organizations require skilled professionals that have apt knowledge in Hadoop and there are fine online resources available where one can train for these skills.

Online Resource For Hadoop Training


This online training resource provides free video sessions for training its students, explaining the core concepts of Hadoop ecosystem and the analytic of big data. CloudEra consists of expert professionals that teach online modules and provide preparations for the certification exams of CloudEra. CloudEra also enables special private training for those who are willing to enroll for the specific training session.


The e-learning courses provided by Simplilearn helps the students to move on successfully in to the production support or the development domain. Sometime job professionals require certification in order to switch jobs. Simplilearn provides an in-depth knowledge of working on projects using hadoop, polishing the skills and techniques of the student.

JanBask Training:

For learning IT technologies such as Java, Salesforce, Hadoop Big data and many other skills, JanBask Training is one of the best resources available online. JanBask training provides an exclusive training of Apache Hadoop with proper certification as well as provides job assistance. The students looking forward in training for hadoop can either register for a certification course or otherwise. JanBask Training helps the enterprises to face and overcome real challenges in businesses.


The desyre website provides excellent Big data and hadoop online courses to its pursuers. The technical support provided online by the training resource is impeccable and the students can always rely on the highly skilled professionals from the IBM training faculty. After training for Hadoop from desyre the certification is provided by IBM.


The EduCBA aims to deliver the quintessential concepts in Hadoop from the basic to the advanced level. The online tutorials provided on the website teaches the introduction to Hadoop and big data, the hadoop fundamental programming models, Map reduce application developing, HDFS, Introduction to HIVE topic, setup of Hadoop and PIG. EduCBA provides training not just to the individuals but to large enterprises that wants to facilitate training for the new interns.


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