Web Design Trend Prediction for 2017

Thus, in 2017, we try to enhance and improve our website design and make it more appealing as well as eye-catching so that huge number of people can connect with our brand. The main object of website design is to connect with the large number of people and indirectly force them to avail our service.

Goal Huge Web Traffic Higher Conversion Rate

If we think about our business, then first think which comes in our mind is the Business Website. Business website is the place where we provide all the information about our business and its products. Business website is the front face of our organization which directly interacts with the audience and gains their trust. In this article, we are going to discuss about the latest trend of website design.

A Mobile-First Approach

You can see that a large number of people are busy with their mobile. Thus, to attract and gain the attention of these people, we should follow mobile first approach and make our design mobile friendly. In this way, more and more people will connect to our brand and prove fruitful for the business.

Wider Implementation of Responsive Feature

If you want to ensure higher profitability, then your website design is highly responsive which means that the website can easily open in any device mainly Mobile without losing any information. Additionally, if you want to higher conversion rate then you must target mobile users and design accordingly.

Micro-Mini Interactions

Micro interactions are the most powerful way to establish an interaction between the audience and website. Some of the examples of micro interactions are hovers, click animations, scrolling effects, and more. The most usable integration is hover/rollover where people can simple move their mouse’s cursor over the event area and information will display to them.

Powerful Content Utilization

We should maintain the content quality by implementing several grammar and language checks. Additionally, content should be rich of keywords and more informative. It has the ability to attract and impress huge amount of audience with surety of higher conversion rate.

High Resolution Yet Original Images and Infographic Utilization

The most powerful element of a website is the graphics thus we should use high resolution graphics in our website to connect with large number of people. Additionally, we also try to present information in graphical format to attract huge visitors and ensure higher conversion rate.

Big and Bold Typography

Typography refers to the powerful visual medium which allows you to create personality, evoke emotion, and set more tone. This will help in easily gaining the visitors attention and boost the business profitability.

Effective Flat Design Approach

We should use the latest flat design where we give more emphasize on using minimum stylistic elements that give 3 D (three dimensions) effects like drop shadows, gradients, and textures. Also, these elements should be present on more simplistic, typography and flat colors forms.

Parallax Scrolling

The latest trend of the Website Design is Parallax Scrolling where background images move slowly as per our scrolling than foreground images.

Source: http://www.stillbonarticles.com/web-design-trend-prediction-for-2017/

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