“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”

As college students, we’re usually juggling classes, work, and our social lives. So when is it the right time to mix pleasure with work?

Maybe never, but what’s the fun in that? As a result, here is my useful advice for you for having more fun. Am I suggesting procrastination? Of course not! But as Fergie sings in her Great Gatsby single “A little party never killed nobody.” So get up, dress up, and go have some fun.

Picture this: Saturday has finally arrived and you’ve been working on your homework for hours/most of the day, it’s due by midnight the following night and you still have a handful of tasks to complete. Your phone buzzes and it’s your friend Rachel asking you to go out with her and some friends. You instantly feel guilty at the idea of ditching your work and going out, but it sounds worth it. So, what do you do?

I am here to explain to you just that!

  1. Remind yourself that you are a hardworking college student. You have been slaving over your assignments for a few days now. You deserve a break… You NEED a break. Also, your brain will probably enjoy it and thank you for it later.
  2. Text Rachel that you’re down and you just have to finish up a few problems and get ready first before you can go out. Do not feel guilty! You deserve this!
  3. Take a shower, or wash your face and brush your teeth. That always makes you feel better and refreshed after working hard or stressing out. You’re about to go have some fun, so say goodbye to all your troubles. For now at least. Continue to get ready until you feel confident and comfortable in yourself that you can go out and enjoy yourself.
  4. You are supposed to be getting out of the house and regaining your energy back, so if you think you’re going to be stressing out about your deadlines, make a little homework schedule that you’ll complete for the next day before your assignments are due.
  5. Go out! It’s party time! Do NOT feel guilty for getting some much deserved freedom time. Unless you’re doing this all of the time, don’t worry about it. You’re an excellent and hardworking student. You will get your assignments done and have had some fun in the process!

I hope this little fun insight helps you live a little and gives you that much needed break that you deserve.

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