Amanda’s Writing Portfolio

I care about my family, friends, people, animals, sustainability, mental health, and anything that makes my heart happy. I believe everyone is unique in their own way, and I am still figuring out what makes me so special. I want to make people laugh, smile, cry, and feel good about themselves. Continuing my education through college, even when I wanted to give up, is my biggest accomplishment so far. I love laughter, winter mornings, summer nights, new adventures, and opportunities. I don’t consider myself a writer, but I do write, and sometimes my pieces can be A, or B+ worthy. Here are just a few:

  1. Major in Pretending as if I Know What I’m Doing
  2. “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”
  3. A Place We All Know Too Well: The Grocery Store
  4. Medford Car Thefts Increasing in the Month of November
  5. What Not to Do When Checking Out at the Grocery Store

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A selfie of me visiting my favorite place on Earth.

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