Introducing Trish Johnson from Jolie’s Bento

If you have ever been to downtown Medford on a weekend night, you may have noticed a food stand across from the strip club called Jolie’s Bento. Although others like to call it “Stripper Bento” based off it’s location.

Jolie’s Bento has been a popular bento stand consisting of rice, chicken, and more for the last 9 years. They are open 7 days a week and also have a location off of Crater Lake Highway going towards White City.

I was able to talk with one of their employees, Trish Johnson, about what it is like to work downtown at this popular bento.

What do you enjoy most about working at Jolie’s Bento?

Well, I enjoy the people. I meet interesting people everyday at this job, and its good to see regulars come out almost everyday. A lot of people we get at our other location are usually on a lunch break, and its cool seeing people come out for some good food to relax for a bit in the middle of their day. Here downtown we always have a good time with people who are out at the bars. Especially with the new Poker Room open, we get a lot more people coming out. The people are good, and the tips are great.

Being that you work weekend nights, sometimes until 3 AM downtown, does it ever get interesting?

Oh, it gets very interesting. One time I saw a drunk guy across the street get yelled at and the cops ended up being called and showed up to pick him up. He made a huge episode of it. Another time I had watched a guy on a bike get hit, but he ended up being okay. Kind of scary because I never want to see anyone get hurt. We are located right across the street from the strip club, so it’s a rare occasion if it gets boring.

Do you ever get drunk/creepy people bothering you when you work late?

You might think that we would, we have some cute girls who work here, but it does not happen often. Only once have I ever had an issue with some random guy who would not leave, but I just had the owner of the Burger Spot come out and ask him to leave. We are pretty thankful for our friendship with the Burger Spot. We usually just get drunk, or tipsy people out here who want some good chicken and rice before taking a cab home.

What is the most challenging part about your job at the bento?

The only real challenging part about my job here at the bento is the weather. We obviously work mostly outdoors, so we are working against the elements. Lately we have been in the freezing cold, wind, and rain. In the summertime we have to barbecue chicken in 100 degree whether. Not fun, but I still enjoy being out here and making good money. A little rain doesn’t bother me because I work for and with very fun, and awesome people. I couldn’t ask for better.

So the next time you drive by Jolie’s Bento, do not hesitate to stop by and get some kick ass food! If you notice that Trish is working, tell her that her favorite daughter-in-law says hi.