Political Debate or SNL Skit?

As many would have probably preferred to watch a debate between Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon for 90 minutes instead of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as this Tweet would suggest, many of us were stuck in front of our screens watching what seemed like a roast rather than an actual debate.

The second presidential debate took place October 9th at Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO. The debate aired from 9:00–10:30 Eastern Time and posed as a town meeting. Half of the questions were from citizen participants and the other half were moderator based on topics of public interest as reflected on social media and other platforms.

The hashtag #debate is the number one top trending on Twitter and that comes to no surprise. This next #debate tweet is my personal favorite:

While many argue that there were no real answers to any of the questions asked, it’s becoming clear that American voters are becoming more divided than ever on who should be elected for president. Although during this debate it was unclear if Trump was running against Hillary, or her husband Bill Clinton, former president of the United States.

Now with the second presidential debate being over, it’s safe to assume that the 3rd will be more if not equally as interesting as the first two were. And if you felt that you finished watching tonight’s debate feeling like you learned nothing, maybe you can relate to @koreykuhl.

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