Art for Happiness, Not for Money

Art is something that many people relate to. You like like to do crafts, you enjoy art history, you love museums, or maybe you even are a painter. Everyone has something in their life that ties to enjoying art. What many people don’t see is what is under the surface of someone’s love for art.

My fiance and I have always had the dream of being business owners. To take the leap to open a small business. She has a BFA in Visual Communication currently. So here is what I have decided so far.

I started a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication, and 3 years later switched to Art History. Art for me is a getaway from what is around me. It’s something that I have learned to use as a way to deal with the anxieties of everyday life. I have learned that art can help relieve me of stress and depression that I sometimes face. So what does this have to do with Art and owning a business?

What I want to do in my lifetime is create a business that helps the people around me find relief in the same way. It won’t be obvious. I won’t shove it in people’s faces. I’m not going to tell them to come they have to be sad or stressed out. I want to own an art studio and a gallery. My fiance and I have had this dream for awhile, it’s just always been a question of where to go with it. And the realization is to have a business where women and men can come with their friends. Where local art students can see the artwork of their peers. Or come and work on their art in a space with fellow artists.

Guy Kawasaki gave a speech about The Art of Innovation. And it stuck with me because of his thought process. His ideas fell into 11 steps. Some key points were to Polarize People, Let 100 Flowers Blossom, and my favorite of them all Make Meaning, Not Money. Everyone wants to succeed and make money. But how many people have the mindset to make a difference in someone’s life in the process.

The next thing to do with this idea is come up with the plan. To come up with the courage to actually open a business. We have looked at a few different places to buy. But you have to also consider the area. One place we just looked at, the area was just not right. The customers wouldn’t necessarily be what would make our business strive. We have to be close enough to the University to allow students to walk if they want to. The downtown area is key. It’s the art space of our city. Once a month there is an artwalk, which draws 100’s of people downtown. It would be the perfect place to show artwork, have lessons, and sell. The customers we have currently have already told us they wish we had an actual shop for them to come to. They wish we had artwork to sell. Or where they could come watch us work if they wanted to. We’ve even already had people ask us to do the group painting classes that are so popular nowadays.

The last step is to decide when we want to build a LlAMAisLife world.

LlAMAisLife Creative Studio

To create something people will receive joy from. A studio space for people to come in and take a painting class together. A space for someone to come in and receive drawing lessons. To come and buy artwork. Or maybe just another eye to look at their work. To create a space for others. Somewhere people can come to when they need to escape the world. Our area doesn’t have anywhere like that. Especially for the students of the University.

LlAMAisLife Logo

Come enjoy others. Share your art. Share your knowledge. Learn a new technique. Become happier. Become healthier. Become a LlAMA. Because when you feel alone there is always someone there to help you.

All images in this writing are my own.