Adobe Not Detecting Printer

Facing printing issues with Adobe Acrobat and Reader. How to solve the issue?

Adobe Acrobat detects the user printer and enables effective printing. But there are occasions when the user have registered issues in printing or printer is not getting detected or problem in printing pdf pages, etc. This article will provide various troubleshooting steps for solution to the printing issues with Adobe.

Firstly try troubleshooting page and then check the connection to the printer as follows –

  • Cables should be correctly inserted or placed. Plug in the printer to computer plug correctly.
  • If printer is plugged into a USB hub then plug the cable directly into a USB port.
  • Turn off the printer and wait for some time. Turn on back the printer again after some time.
  • Now try printing the PDF pages.
  • User can also contact the support team over Adobe customer service phone number for instant support to the printer detection or printing problems.

Also make sure that the latest printer drivers are installed –

  • Take the printer model and visit the manufacture’s website for getting the ‘printer drivers’.
  • Find the correct driver for the printer and download & install those printer drivers.
  • Restart the devices and try printing pages.

Often user faces problem printing PDF files. Try ‘Print as image’ option to check for advanced printing. Copy or download the PDF again directly to the hard drive and create a copy of the PDF using ‘Save As’ command. Also user can check the printing files for syntax related issues –

  • Open PDF and from Acrobat XI go to ‘View’, then ‘Tools’ and finally ‘Print Production’.
  • Select ‘Preflight’.
  • Type ‘Syntax’ in the Find bar and select the profile ‘Report PDF syntax issue’.
  • Then click on ‘Analyze and fix’.

Also check for the software or firewalls installed in the system which might also effect the printer detection. If recently any firewall is installed then disable that firewall. Dial Adobe technical support phone number for advanced assistance to the printer issues and get the best solutions. Once the issues get detected then instant troubleshooting steps are provided for solution. Get connected to the expert team and get quick fix solution to the Adobe printing issues.